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Norie Mori

I have devoted more than 25 years of my life exploring traditional and modern Japanese, Western, Chinese, other Asian food, spanning the globe in an effort to appease an insatiable desire for culinary knowledge. While working for Japanese restaurants and cafes as an instructor in Japan, have also taught at my own cooking saloon for more than 10 years people of all ages a repertoire I have amassed from working with and learning from over fifty cooking experts. Some of them are from TV cooking show “ Iron Chef”.

My idea of cooking classes

Even though Japanese dishes are becoming popular internationally, it is often the case that only sushi, tempura and teriyaki things have been tried in fact.

Japanese cuisine is attractive because of the seasonal selecting materials, delicate and beautiful presentation according to the season. In addition, it is healthy with ingredients consisting mainly of vegetables, fish, rice, seaweeds and soy bean product. 

Here in Australia, I would like to introduce and teach many other traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine with an international twist. The varieties ranges from basic home dishes such as soup, simmered food, bowl dishes, pot dishes and sweets to professional cooking for catering, parties and functions, using the good quality ingredients and seasonings of Spiral Foods. They should be focused on quick, healthy, nutritious and tasty menus for both ordinary home made and restaurants. My apprentices and students can also enjoy learning about Japanese food related customs, culture, dining etiquette and create everything from simple to gourmet dishes.