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Source: Japan
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Water, brown rice, koji seed.
Size: 250 g
Product code: 04890
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Amazake is a sweet rice porrige that is made by converting the starches of rice into sugars. Our Amazake is a pure food product made from organic brown rice using traditional manufacturing processes with no sugar or sweetener added. First, brown rice is cleaned and washed, then soaked and steamed. The rice is then mixed with koji-seed to make kome-koji which frements and creates a smooth texture and adding natural sweetness. Amazake is best enjoyed by boiling it with twice as much water, cooling it for 2-3 hours, heating it again and adding a small amount of ground ginger. The history of Amazake goes back to the 4th century and although it is often associated with winter and can be enjoyed as a hot beverage during this time, its season word in Haiku is summer and is a sweet nutritious drink which is best enjoyed during the heat of summer. It is a great source of rich vitamins, essential amino acids and glucose and aids the digestive system by accelerating appetite.