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Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar

Source: Japan
Cooking: Use in various dishes such as dressings, marinades, pickles, sushi rice and more.
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Organic brown rice, well water, seed vinegar.
Size: 250 ml
Product code: 14204
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Our organic Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar is a naturally fermented flavouring agent made from organic brown rice that is fermented in earthenware vats that are over 100 years old and buried in the ground on the island of Kyushu. One of the most nutritious vinegars, it is not only prized for its taste, but also as a beauty aid and medicine. While most commercial rice vinegar are made by pounding crushed rice, ours is still made traditionally, using organic wholegrain rice and no added sugar or alcohol.
Our rice vinegar is made in two stages of fermentation. First Stage: steamed rice is mixed with koji (starter) and water. This process forms a saccharified moromi. To this mix a live enzime 'Shubo' is added to change the sugars to alcohol. This sake takes 1 month. Second stge: The sake is mixed with seed vinegar and heated, this process takes 2 weeks. The vinegar is then ready for aging which takes one year.

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Gluten Free
Australian Certified Organic