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True Shoyu - 500 ml

Source: Japan
Cooking: Shoyu is used as an all-purpose seasoning, both as a table and cooking sauce.
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Whole soybeans, wheat, island water, sea salt.
Size: 500 ml
Product code: 20011
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Shoyu is the standard in the soy sauce industry. About 85% of the total soy sauce consumed is Shoyu. Shoyu is an all-purpose seasoning, and can be used for seasoning for meat, fish, vegetables and as a general purpose seasoning. Our True Shoyu is naturally fermented for 3 years and is made from whole soybeans, wheat (used for growth of culture), natural sea salt, water and koji starter. Our shoyu is high in B vitamins, protein, amino acids and enzymes, stimulating digestive fluids in the stomach. In Japan Shoyu sells approximately 10 bottles to every 1 of Tamari (Wheat Free).

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