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Organic Dandelion

Golden Fields Dandelion Coffee is made from roasted organic dandelion roots. Dandelion is a mild natural laxative, a constipation remedy, and an ideal diuretic due to its richness in minerals (it contains potassium, calcium, sodium, selenium, also phosphorous, iron, nickel, cobalt, tin, copper and zinc). Dandelion coffee is a popular coffee substitute. The barley malt covers the bitterness of the dandelion powder.

SKU: 75008
Country of Origin
New Zealand
80g (25 sachets)
Units per Carton

Gluten-Free/ GMO-Free/ Organic/ Vegan/

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(DA25, DA100, DA5) contain very finely ground dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), lightly roasted, and some roasted barley malt (not more than 12%).